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How we do it

We have developed a method that is built on a full fashion service according to your lifestyle

At KC Lifestyling we aim to make smart fashion available to everyone. We believe in less clutter, less overbuying, and less dressing for someone that isn’t you. 

  • We enhance your style

    We show you how to modernize with what you currently have.

  • Customized service

    We tailor our service around all unique lifestyles and perspectives on style, catering to all ages and all genders.

  • Breaking stereotypes

    No more buy, buy, buy. We’re entering a phase of minimalism. Less is more.

Our Team

Meet Our Co-Founders, Kate & Chloe

Our service lets you feel better about your style, we help purge items you don’t feel you use or need, and shop smart according to your budget, lifestyle, and personality.

We developed our service in order to make fashion accessible to everyone, at KC Lifestyling we care more about getting to know you than any designer label. Our service lets you feel better about your style, we help purge items you don’t feel you use or need, and shop smart according to your budget, lifestyle, and personality.

Learn about our philosophy

Kate Tsuruda

Chloe De Serigny

How it Works

A simple phone call or email away, our team will ask a few easy questions about your initial needs so we can tailor our service to you.



Book a FREE phone consultation to discuss your needs and have your questions answered

Book a consultation


Assess & Quote

Next, we do a deeper assessment of your wardrobe by meeting you in person, followed by a customized quote & plan tailored to your personal space and style.



Every client is different, we understand that. So depending on your assessment, we provide one or a mix of our services in order to create the best results for you.

Some Client Love

Thank you so much for everything you both did for me. I have more confidence with layering pieces now and feel so much better about myself for sporting an elevated look thanks to you gals. I’m forever grateful and look forward to our next encounter in the near future.

S.L. (Female 40)

Thank you so much again for everything. I really admire your work, your energy, and your entrepreneurial spirit. You made me feel so comfortable since day one.

C.R. (Female 29)

Thanks so much for our fun time last week and for your very prompt email with all of your great outfits that I never would have put together!

M.M. (Male 35)

Their fashion expertise is extremely valuable and it's clear that what they really want to do is help you elevate your presence through the quality and aesthetics of your outfits. They helped me curate a few outfits that I would have never been be pick out on my own. I can't wait to see how my brand photoshoot turns out! I would use them again and refer them to all my friends and family members.

N.H. (Female 30)

It was such a pleasure to have your advice and guidance throughout the process. I'm sure this won't be the last time we meet. As I said before, this means a lot to me, it's not just new pieces on my closet.

C.T. (Female 29)

Thank you so much for helping me shop yesterday. It was a lot of fun and helped me try on things I would’ve never picked off the racks myself!

S.M. (Female 35)

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