If you’re an avid follower of either our Insta or this blog, you know that we love an accessory. Jewelry, shoes, purses & bags, watches – all of these items work towards the cultivation of a style that is uniquely you. The accessories we choose tell a story about who we are and how we want to be seen, as oftentimes these are how we can personalize an otherwise rigid dress code for work or social events.


Accessories hold an important space within our wardrobe. The right pair of earrings or the perfect tie can completely change an outfit, and more importantly, completely change the way you feel when you’re wearing it. At its root, this encapsulates the joy of fashion: that our everyday choices of dress work together to form a higher opinion of ourselves. Fashion is a vehicle for confidence, self-actualization, and individuality – and never are these qualities more realized than with the right choice of accessory.


While accessories play a vital role in the individualization of a wardrobe – they’re also often the victims of a lack of care. Without proper organizational systems in place to prioritize the safekeeping of your jewelry and bags, these pieces can often be found piled on a dresser or hung on a doorknob. This disregard for the accessories can lead to accelerated wear and tear which decreases longevity and prevents you from maximizing each piece.


Taking better care of your pieces is a simple and effective way to increase longevity, contribute to a system of sustainability, and prioritize the principles of individualization that have made you love your wardrobe.


Jewelry – Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings – these pieces can easily be disregarded after a long day; they end up scattered on the dresser, or piled haphazardly on the side table. An easy way to normalize the care of your jewelry is twofold: 1. create a set space for your jewelry to be stored, and 2. Invest in tools which allow you to organize with ease. For necklaces and bracelets look for t-shaped jewelry stands of varying heights, and hang each piece with the clasp facing the ceiling; this allows ease of access when getting ready each morning, as well as convenient clean-up at the end of the night.



Watches – are often investment pieces. Treating your watches with care is vital to preserving their longevity and getting the most for your money. We suggest storing your watches – or even high quality bracelets – in an accessory box with a lid. These types of accessory boxes are made with padded surfaces to display your watch, and the lid prevents dust from building up and settling in the delicate buttons and knobs of the watch face.


Ties, Pocket Squares, Handkerchiefs – Fabric accessories are perhaps some of the hardest to keep organized. The storage of these items relies on maintaining their shape while avoiding wrinkling. Drawer organizers are a great way to retain shape while also promoting ease of access while getting ready each morning. Store ties in a sectioned drawer organizer – rolled, not folded, this will prevent any creasing of the fabric and allow you to see all of your options as soon as you open the drawer. This prevents the digging and disorganizing that can occur.


Shoes – Our shoes experience an accelerated wear and tear when compared to other accessories. The consistent use of our shoes can lead to deterioration, which makes it all the more important to take proper care of these accessories to promote longevity. We suggest storing shoes on an elevated surface, like a shoe rack or shelf. Avoid piling shoes at the door or in a pile in the entryway closet – elevating the shoes allows them to be out of any dirt or wetness that comes in through the front door. Clean shoes as soon as you notice they’re dirty. When travelling, or for shoes of bright colours or an abundance of texture, consider storing them in a linen shoe bag. The shoe bag will protect them from scuffing when travelling, and can protect the pigment or texture of the shoe from light deterioration while stored.


Bags & Purses – Having a designated shelf or storage space for your bags and purses is an easy way to prioritize the longevity of the pieces. Proper storage for these accessories is relatively simple – keep them elevated and out of direct sunlight to prevent scuffing and colour fading. When travelling, consider using a dust bag to prevent scuffing in a suitcase.


These simple changes to your accessory storage can make a world of difference for the longevity of your favourite pieces. Incorporating storage solutions into your wardrobe space can elevate your closet, as well as maximize your morning time. At KC, we specialize in turning your struggling closet into the wardrobe space of your dreams. Our new Closet Organization Kits now make it possible to take streamlining your wardrobe into your own hands, click here to read more about the kits.


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