So much has changed in the way we live our lives since the beginning of 2020, and as a result, businesses around the world have adapted to better serve the lifestyles’ of their clientele. At KC we have always offered a hands-on service, based on personal connection, understanding, and prioritizing you. With the new reality of Covid-19 and the safety principles of social distancing, we went back to the drawing board to determine the best way to provide the service our customers have come to love in a safe and convenient way that better suits their needs in the present moment.

After much careful thought, planning, and execution we’re proud to present our newest product: the KC Closet Organization Kits. These kits contain everything you need to maximize space in your wardrobe, create a cohesive visual narrative within your closet that allows you to see what you actually have, and to finally achieve the closet space of your dreams – no matter what size wardrobe you’re working with. The kits come in three sizes based on closet type, with the option to completely customize a kit should none of these options suit your space.

Along with supplying the functional items required to effectively organize a wardrobe, these kits also include piece’s hand selected by our co-founders to beautify your closet space. We are strong believers in the power of a beautified space to make every day meaningful, and to inspire us each morning to accomplish our goals. Creating a haven within your wardrobe for you to explore fashion and your personal style is always a top priority for our products and services.

These organization kits give you the tools to take the prioritization of your space and needs into your own hands. At KC, we’ve always believed that this organization process goes hand in hand with the principles of self-care. By making the conscious effort to improve, elevate, and maximize your space you are investing in your own well-being, and recognizing that you are a priority in your life. Our services have always been about more than just fashion and closets – we strive to create space where our clients can focus on themselves and make meaningful changes that improve their day to day lives. With the KC Closet Organization Kits, we’ve poured that philosophy into a DIY experience that puts you in the driver’s seat, with the tools and resources necessary to make a lasting impact on your daily life.

The kits are available to purchase through our online shop. Not sure if it’s right for you? Book a free phone consultation to discuss your wardrobe needs, or send us a message on our Instagram @kclifestyling.