This time at home affects us all in different ways – and there is no right or wrong way to handle this massive disruption to the normalcy of the day to day. For some, this means the continuation of their daily routine, for others it may mean spending the day lounging or reading. We want to take a moment to remind you that productivity is not a measure of worth – every day does not have to be about how much you accomplish, and some days the greatest accomplishment of all is simply taking care of yourself.


Having said this, we know that for some completing a to-do list of tasks helps to ground them in these uncertain times, and for those people, we offer some useful tips for decluttering one of the harder organization tasks: the closet.


Closet organization is a fundamental service offered by KC – oftentimes it takes a second pair of professional eyes to evaluate what a cluttered wardrobe needs in order to be improved. If you’re feeling stuck on where to start, out first suggestion is to set up a free phone consultation with us to discuss your specific needs at


If you’re social distancing with others, consider enlisting the help of a friend or family member, or set up a Facetime/Skype chat to get some trusted advice. This is especially helpful when choosing which items to purge and which to keep, as oftentimes clothing holds a sentimental value for us that makes it difficult to evaluate the functionality of the piece; enlist a friend as the tiebreaker for these tricky items.


Your main consideration when organizing your wardrobe should be your lifestyle and habits. For example, if you’re a yoga instructor, you’ll want to make your workout clothing easily accessible to streamline the getting-ready process. Each decision you make in regards to your closet space will influence the flow of your morning, so arrange your pieces in a way that prioritizes you and your specific needs. Know your habits, good and bad. If you have trouble putting away clothes at the end of a hard day or after doing a big load of laundry, implement systems in your closet that eliminate room for clutter. At KC we have methods that cover all of your closet needs and prioritize these tips and tricks.


Once you’ve established which items are staying, consider the best way for each item to be stored – for example, wooden or velvet hangers are best for retaining the shape and quality of hung items. If your space allows it, we recommend hanging for most items, including trousers – switching from folding to hanging will avoid creasing and pulling of the fabric, and also makes it easier when choosing your outfit in the morning. The phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is never truer than in the wardrobe – keeping your items within sight allows you to see the full potential of your wardrobe every morning.


Organize your shirts and blouses in order of colour and sleeve length, this will streamline your decision-making process each morning by allowing you to choose the style and colour preference for the day, followed by the specific garment. Hang sweaters and blazers with the same methodology – try to hang your items in order of your decision making process; for example, if you always choose your blouse first, hang tops and blouses so they’re the first thing you see, followed by trousers, sweaters, and blazers, etc. Each of these simple adjustments will save you time and energy while getting ready for the day.


Do you ever go to put on a sweater or t-shirt and it doesn’t smell like you’ve washed it but you definitely have? Consider adding a potpourri sachet to hang in between your newly organized clothing sections – this will both divide the areas neatly, but also adds a boost of freshness to your wardrobe to brighten your day each morning. Message us to know where to buy the right ones!


Creating a peaceful closet space can completely change your morning. Try some of these easy tips & tricks and let us know how it goes! Take a picture of your newly organized wardrobe and tag us @kclifestyling to be featured in our story.