Are you looking to make a change in your closet? Cultivating a wardrobe that can alter to fit each aspect of your life is essential to maximizing time and creating your personal brand. If you find that the pieces in your closet are not serving the lifestyle you’re building, the first step is to purge unworn, uninspiring, or unusable items (need tips on purging your wardrobe? Check out our blog post on seasonal closet flips).


Once your closet space is devoid of items that don’t work towards your goals, the next step to creating a high-functioning closet space is organizing and taking stock of each piece. Understanding what you have in your wardrobe to work with is the foundation you can build outfits off of.


First, account for your basics – every wardrobe should have a few staple pieces, such as a white button-down, a quality pair of denim, a simple blazer, etc. These items are intrinsic to a versatile wardrobe and should be the pieces you invest in – one or two pairs of well-fitting, quality-made jeans can be the starting point for countless looks. These are the items in your wardrobe that you most likely find yourself gravitating towards most frequently –  and it’s easy to get stuck in the “white-blouse-with-jeans” combo. The key to creating visually dynamic outfits that are both functional and fashionable is pairing these staple pieces with elevated or trendy items and accessories.


These basic pieces will vary depending on your lifestyle and needs for your wardrobe. If you work in a corporate environment, for example, a basic item in your wardrobe may be a perfectly tailored suit. Whereas if your professional life is in a business-casual environment you’ll be more likely to need a well-tailored, but more relaxed blazer. Be sure to start with your needs first when cultivating your wardrobe.


Once you’ve established that you have these foundational, quality pieces, you can build off of your unique sense of style to create dynamic outfits. When shopping, consider pieces that speak to you and question what about them is interesting – avoid investing too heavily in trendy pieces that will be out of style next season. These are great to add into your closet as accessories or inexpensive additions to your seasonal wardrobe, but ultimately won’t stay in style forever – so it’s best to stick with only a handful of trends per season.


Notice any consistencies that arise when you browse – are you often drawn to bright pops of colour or print? Do you prefer simple tailoring and clean lines? Do you like a small pop of pattern in your accessories? The pieces you most often gravitate towards when browsing are telling of your unique sense of style. Trust these instincts and refine them by seeking inspiration for a specific style – for example, if you find yourself interested in neon pops of colour, seek out fashion inspo of how others are incorporating this into their wardrobes. The more involved you are in the current fashion narrative, the easier it is to pick up elevated styling habits.


These dynamic pieces will most likely shift from season to season, depending on the needs of your lifestyle, as well as your perspective on fashion. Don’t be afraid to donate items that no longer serve you – trends come and go, it’s natural for your interest in them to ebb and flow throughout time. When purchasing pieces for your wardrobe ask yourself whether you’re replacing a current item, or adding a new style into your repertoire – consider the different ways you could style the piece before you buy it – if you can only get one outfit out of the item, it might not be the best fit for a versatile wardrobe.


Experiment with the items in your wardrobe. Try on pieces together that you would normally never pair – your wardrobe is a safe space for self-expression, and sometimes unlikely combinations create the most elevated outfits. Each season, incorporate an item into your wardrobe that’s a step outside of your comfort zone and make a commitment to finding a way to style it that works for you – this is how you can elevate and refine your sense of fashion through time.


Last but not least, layering is a key aspect of successfully cultivating a versatile wardrobe. A simple jeans-and-t-shirt look can be completely altered by the addition of an oversized blazer or a snakeskin boot. Don’t shy away from adding an accessory, but trust your instincts on when enough is enough.


Fashion is such a unique experience for each individual. At KC, we believe that our sense of style is an intrinsic extension of our personality, and so we focus on fostering an environment to help you express yourself through fashion. We’re here to help! If you’re feeling stuck in a rut with your wardrobe we encourage you to reach out – send us a message or book a free phone consultation to discuss your unique needs. We’ll work to develop a plan that’s tailored to you.