Let’s be real: stepping out of our comfort zones is scary. Existing within the parameters of our own familiarity protects us from judgement, embarrassment, ridicule, or just plain old discomfort. But while we believe that confidence is a learned behaviour, we’ve also discovered that it is rarely found within the confines of our comfort zone.


It takes a certain amount of courage to try something new – it doesn’t matter if it’s as simple as a new food or as huge as a career change: the unfamiliar is equal amounts terrifying and exhilarating in all parts of life.


Today we want to talk about an aspect of our lives where our comfort zones can truly hinder us: fashion. At KC, we view fashion and styling as a method of self expression and a way to brand yourself in the increasingly visual world. The way we dress each day is a reflection of how we see ourselves, and when we always stay within the confines of what makes us comfortable we’re never able to explore exactly what this reflection says. Defining your personal brand through fashion allows you to see your style through a new perspective, and to further decide exactly how you would like to be represented, rather than simply sticking to your comfort zone. 



How would you like to be perceived? Strong? Independent? Kind? Professional? Approachable? We all have a unique set of goals for our life, but many of us are unaware of the influence our clothing has over the impressions we make each and every day that affect our ability to reach these goals.


We aren’t saying that in order to reach these milestones you need to completely overhaul your wardrobe. Stepping out of your fashion comfort zone is often a gradual process to expose you slowly to styles you wouldn’t commonly select. Start by envisioning how you would dress if you weren’t held back by fear of judgement – this idealized self-image offers valuable insight into the ultimate goals of your wardrobe.



Try to incorporate one or two small aspects of this visualized-self into your day to day wardrobe. Maybe they’re wearing a higher heel than you’re used to, or a colour you’ve always thought “wasn’t for you” – making these small adjustments builds your confidence in your own sense of style. The more you come to trust your innate ability to style yourself, the more comfortable you’ll become with taking fashion risks.


Once you’ve become comfortable with small wardrobe changes, push yourself to buy one item that you love but never thought you could pull off. If you aren’t ready to wear it immediately then make it a goal piece as you build your confidence. Style it with the comfortable pieces in your wardrobe and see how you can incorporate it into your clothing arsenal seamlessly. Watch how the reactions of those around you change as you build this confidence in yourself and your stylistic decisions.



You’ve probably heard the saying “visualize your highest self, then start showing up as her,” never has this been truer than in relation to fashion. You have all of the tools at your disposal to begin showing up as your highest self – the you that is goal-driven, confident, and comfortable with the uncomfortable. Take the fashion narrative of your life into your own hands.


If you’re at a loss of where to start, don’t worry – we’ve been there, and we’re here to help! Reach out through Instagram @kclifestyling or email us at [email protected] to discuss your specific wardrobe needs.