We are all consumers of fashion. Whether through interest or necessity, fashion plays a role in the everyday lives of people across the world. For some of us, this presents an opportunity to showcase our style and utilize fashion in a creative context. However, we know that for some fashion can feel like a chore. If you find yourself dreading the daily battle with your wardrobe, then this post is for you – we’re breaking down our top fashion habits to incorporate into your lifestyle to streamline the getting ready process.


  1. Assess your wardrobe seasonally – we can’t talk enough about the importance of an organized and practical closet space. We suggest taking the time at the beginning of each season to assess what pieces you have to work with, and which should be retired. Keeping your winter clothes in an over packed closet throughout the warmer seasons will only serve to distract you when you’re choosing an outfit for the day. Store these items in a secondary location to return to in the fall and winter. A clean closet space can eliminate some of the stress we associate with getting ready, and make for a peaceful morning.


  1. Plan possible outfits ahead of time – if you find yourself struggling to piece together an outfit that aligns with your style and goals, chances are you’re rushing in the mornings. Take the time to get to know the items in your wardrobe – establish a few looks centred around certain pieces. For example, take a favourite pair of work trousers and determine the 3 ways you would usually style them in the morning – these are the outfits that are within your comfort zone. Try choosing accessories or add-ons, like a jacket, to elevate these simpler styles towards your fashion goals. Try to find three additional ways to wear the trousers that are somewhat outside of your realm of familiarity – having these options available to you will streamline the getting-ready process, as well as unconsciously elevate your style by having you take a critical look at your wardrobe.


  1. Shop with intention – a common fashion struggle for many people is overbuying. We’re all creatures of habit inherently – which makes it so easy to buy the same piece we love over and over again. Once we’ve found a style, colour, or shape that we feel confident in, we tend to gravitate towards those items when we’re shopping. While it’s important to understand how principles like colour and shape inform fashion purchases, it’s also imperative to break out of the style-box. Owning 5 shirts in the same cut and colour will only hinder your getting-ready routine. When shopping for new items, take a critical approach to each piece you pick up – be mindful of your unconscious decision making. Shopping presents the opportunity to experiment with new styles without committing to the piece. For every item you pick up habitually, try to pick up an item that falls outside of your comfort zone to try-on. An additional tactic to avoiding duplicates in your wardrobe is to increase your budget per item. Invest in each piece, considering quality and style, rather than purchasing multiple lower-quality items that mimic pieces you already own. Purchasing a higher-priced item will encourage you to stop and really consider whether or not this piece is unique enough to incorporate into your wardrobe.


  1. Seek inspiration – whether you’re interested or not, fashion is a part of our lives. If you’re struggling with piecing together coherent looks, we suggest involving yourself in the fashion narrative. Subscribe to an online editorial, or follow influencers on Instagram whose style you admire – having this small amount of inspiration incorporated into your everyday routine will make understanding fashion easier. Before you go out shopping for new pieces, prioritize the items you need to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the selection. Seek inspiration for these specific items to narrow down your search further – this will make the shopping process more efficient, and ensure that you purchase pieces in line with your style goals.


  1. Take care of your clothes – preserving the longevity of our clothing benefits us and the environment. Avoid overbuying by paying attention to the needs of your wardrobe. Consider purchasing garment bags for your more expensive items (like suits or formal wear), this will protect the piece from getting caught on surrounding items and pilling. When travelling, use dust-bags for shoes and small sachets for jewellery. These items are available to purchase through our online shop. Pay careful attention to the care tags in your clothing and follow these instructions when washing. Keep your closet organized to avoid haphazard piling of clothing that can result in damage. Preserving your clothing means time-saved for you through less frequent trips to the store, as well as decreasing your environmental impact.


These habits have the power to make a big change in your fashion perspective. Making these simple adjustments can streamline your mornings and eliminate wardrobe stresses. If you need help implementing these changes, we encourage you to reach out and set up a free phone consultation with us to discuss your fashion needs.