If you’re an avid reader of the blog, then you know where we stand on style: it’s a form of self-expression – an extension of ourselves. A person’s style is entirely unique to them and can change many times throughout the course of someone’s life depending on the needs of their wardrobe. Having said that, we also know that discovering this sense of style can be difficult, especially when your busy schedule prevents you from putting in the shopping and researching time.


We’re here to break down a few key aspects to developing and understanding this unique stylistic approach so you can utilize fashion to its full potential, saving you time, money, and effort.


It may seem simple, but always begin with what you need your closet to do for you. Approaching your closet with a wants-based mindset will leave you with a bunch of beautiful statement pieces and nothing to pair them with. Consider your top fashion commitments in life – these can be found through where you work and how you spend your free time. For example, if you work in an office setting, chances are your needs-based wardrobe includes a tailored trouser, blazer, and button-up. Whereas if you attend a Pilates class twice a week, your needs-based wardrobe will also include at least two activewear sets. Breakdown your lifestyle to determine what it is that you need from fashion.


Once you’ve established what you need your wardrobe to do for you, the most important step to finding your sense of style is experimenting within these parameters. Source inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest, find examples of paired outfits that speak to you, and figure out what it is that appeals to you. Remember that style will constantly shift season-to-season, but developing a key and innate sense of fashion will help guide you through seasonal trend shifts to find pieces that are meaningful to you.


Every item we choose to add to our wardrobe is either helping or hurting our goals. When you’re experimenting with different styles, hit up local thrift shops or second-hand stores and try out some pieces you normally wouldn’t to reduce your environmental impact. Remember that you might love something you see online, but decide it isn’t right for you once you try it on yourself. Don’t be afraid of failure when it comes to fashion – that’s how we grow.


Being knowledgeable on the colours and silhouettes that best suit you will help you narrow down which items work and which don’t while you’re shopping. Reach out to us on Instagram or book a free phone consultation if you aren’t sure which category you fall into. Finding the right colours for you can increase your confidence in an outfit and make it easier to find pieces that feel right to you. Oftentimes we just aren’t aware of what looks best because we’re afraid to step out of our comfort zone.


When experimenting with fashion, take note of the way the outfit makes you feel throughout the day, it’s normal to experience some discomfort when trying something new – don’t let that temporary feeling discourage you! Notice if the clothes make you feel more confident, or if they make you self-conscious. You’ll be able to tell what’s working by the end of the day – go with your gut feeling on certain pieces – not every piece will be a winner.


Once you understand what pieces you’re drawn towards, what shapes and colours work for you, and how your clothes make you feel, discovering your sense of style will be second nature. Build off the foundational needs of your life to create a wardrobe that is genuine to your personality, while also remaining functional to your needs.


Have questions about finding your style? We’re here to help! Reach out to us via Instagram or book a free phone consultation. @kclifestyling