There’s something to be said about the effect our clothing has on our day. As individuals, style allows us to explore the characteristics, likes, and dislikes that make us unique, and to present this image to the world. Our sense of fashion speaks our story before we get the chance to, acting as our silent PR agent in our day to day interactions. This is at the root of why fashion is such a vital part of our daily lives – our innate pull to self-expression is able to be channelled through the fashion paradigm.


As the world has adapted to the principles of social distancing, we find ourselves spending less time socializing or interacting with others in a public setting. This lack of socialization can have a huge influence on our state of mind, and by extension, our need for fashion. It can be easy to ignore the pieces in your wardrobe that make you feel confident and to instead opt for comfort clothing like pajamas or loungewear. While these are totally acceptable forms of dress for a highly stressful time, we also know that disconnecting from expressing yourself through your sense of fashion can be neglectful to your well-being.

You don’t need an excuse to dress up and feel confident. With or without an audience, your choice of clothing is a representation of both how you see yourself, and how you want to be seen. Use this increased time at home as an opportunity to revaluate your wardrobe, donate items that no longer serve you and allow yourself to be excited about the pieces you love. It may seem simple, but getting up and getting dressed each morning is a vital act of self-care that says: I’m worth getting ready for. Prioritize getting dressed each morning for a week and see how your mood shifts – the results may surprise you.


A great way to reprioritize fashion is to buy a new piece that excites you. Scroll through some fashion inspo from your favourite influencers or check out our tips & trends highlight on our Instagram. Utilize the abundance of time to source BIPOC owned clothing and accessory lines – prioritize shopping purposefully and intentionally in ways that align with your values. Give yourself permission to splurge a little – you’re worth it. This time at home is also a great opportunity to be bold with your fashion choices – take a risk by trying a trend you normally wouldn’t gravitate towards. Fashion should be fun, and now is the time to experiment; a bold colour, pattern, or style can be the perfect boost you need to jump back into your sense of style and the confidence that comes with it.


When in doubt, start small. If fashion is feeling like a chore right now, try incorporating small bits that contribute to a feeling of normalcy and confidence. Taking the time to accessorize with a pair of earrings and your favourite layered necklaces is a good way to make an effort without sacrificing any comfort. Just these small adjustments can make a huge difference in your day and open the gateway back up to a sense of routine when it comes to fashion.

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