Are you struggling with your work from home routine? This time presents new challenges to our daily schedules, and we know that the loss of familiarity from every day can be overwhelming. While this time spent at home allows opportunities for rest and connection, it also forces us to be the decision-makers for all aspects of our work environment. We want to encourage you to continue to hold yourself to a higher standard. When we make the effort to get up, get dressed, and create a tidy workspace we are committing vital and well-deserved acts of care towards ourselves. 

It’s easy to rationalize staying in your pajamas all day, after all, you aren’t interacting with any colleagues, but we want to remind you that you deserve the best version of yourself to spend the day with. You deserve the version of yourself who puts their best foot forward every day and does it for their own sake. Getting dressed each day is a small, but meaningful way that you can prioritize yourself and your well-being in this difficult time, and increase your daily productivity along the way. 

Getting ready in the morning doesn’t have to be a chore, and your work from home looks don’t have to mimic what you’d wear to the office. We aren’t saying you have to wear your heels in your home office, but slipping on a clean, comfortable pair of indoor shoes or slides can make your working hours feel more structured and legitimate. 


We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite tips for elevating your WFH dress code:

  1. Easy denim – pair a comfortable mid or light wash denim jean with a graphic t-shirt for an effortlessly chic look that can take you from the couch to the office. This look is comfortable without feeling sloppy, pair with a few gold accessories if you want to dress it up a little more.


  1. Patterned skirt – animal prints are in for spring, and when paired with a loose-fitting midi skirt and a basic cotton tee they can create the perfect elevated WFH look. The unstructured fit of the skirt makes it comfortable, and the soft texture of the cotton tee is a refined take on loungewear. Pair with a few simple chains or earrings and you’re ready to start your day!


  1. Joggers – Try incorporating an easy, elevated jogger into your new work wardrobe – this offers both a chic silhouette and a comfortable alternative to a restrictive trouser. Pair the neutral pant with a basic tee or a thin sweater for effortless WFH style goals. Add a pair of hoops or some delicate gold accents for a more refined look.


  1. Elevated loungewear – we know that some mornings all you want to do is stay in your pajamas (and we totally get it). Instead, swap your pj’s for a stretchy cotton pant and sweatshirt, topped with an oversized blazer and a white sneaker. This look is one step away from pajamas comfort-wise but doesn’t sacrifice any chicness.


  1. Add a pop of colour – elevate your denim or basic trouser with a vibrant pop of colour. A splash of vibrancy can go a long way in elevating your mood, and you can incorporate colour in ways that still prioritize comfort – like layering a chunky knit sweater.


  1. The indoor shoe – utilize a pair of unworn shoes or slides to wear during your 9:00-5:00. A pair of shoes can keep you physically grounded while completing your work and prevents you from getting cozy on the couch or lounging in bed with your laptop.  


  2.  Matching sweatsuit – if you’re hooked on your sweats then we recommend upgrading from those frumpy ones you can’t even walk the dog in, to a fresh new matching set!


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