I think that we can all agree that there’s nothing more fun or enjoyable than anticipating a long and needed vacation and the time finally came to leave. While packing for the holidays always begins with good intentions, it ends up usually being a struggle and over-packing things that you probably aren’t even going to wear – even worse, your suitcase is overflowing and you are freaking out if it will be overweight at the airport check-in.


Below is a list of our favourite and most useful tips to help you pack smart and efficiently for whatever holiday you have in store!


  1. Packing Cubes

If you haven’t already discovered packing cubes, well you’re in luck – packing cubes are life-changing and will definitely improve the way you pack and travel for the best. Packing cubes are the key to staying organized when packing your suitcase as well as being organized and keeping all your belongings in one place once you arrive at your destination. We suggest organizing and packing the packing cubes by categories, such as socks and underwear, shirts, pants, etc. to make it easier for yourself and ensure all your items are in one place.


  1. Plan Out Your Outfits Beforehand

There’s nothing worse than packing a suitcase full of clothing that you don’t end up wearing or by being unprepared and not packing the appropriate clothing for your vacation. You don’t have to have a set plan, but consider how you will be spending your time during your holidays and start to plan out different outfits you can wear. We can’t stress this enough – we recommend making a list of all the clothing items you want to bring and then to start putting together pieces and planning out outfits. Packing a bunch of random pieces and hoping that you will be able to combine pieces and make some cute outfits is a recipe for disaster. Trust us. Make your life a ton easier by planning out outfits for specific activities and you can thank us later.


  1. Always Pack the Basics

Whether you are vacationing somewhere hot or traveling across the country to see your family, it is important that you don’t forget to pack the basics. At the end of the day, the most crucial thing is to be comfortable when you travel, which is why we suggest packing a few basic items that you love and know will come in use during your vacation. For example, even if you are traveling somewhere tropical, it’s important to remember to pack a cozy sweater and joggers to make sure that you are always prepared for whatever weather there is in store. As well, basics are super versatile which makes them perfect pieces to pack for vacation – we recommend packing monochromatic basics to make it easier to mix and match outfits.


  1. Save Space

A great hack to save space in your suitcase is to layer and wear a couple of bulkier pieces while you travel. If you are traveling to another city and plan on shopping, we all know you could use the extra space – save yourself the trouble and try to layer as many pieces as possible to save more room in your suitcase. As well, you could also save space in your suitcase by wearing all the jewelry you plan on bringing on your vacation. By wearing your jewelry, not only do you save space, but it actually helps to protect pieces and it prevents your jewelry from getting all tangled up and disorganized. It’s a win-win situation. If you have certain statements pieces that you want to bring, just make sure they are packed in a safe spot so the jewelry doesn’t get damaged or stolen.


Hopefully, after reading this list, you have learned a trick or two on how to pack smarter and more efficiently. Wherever you decide to go on vacation, we hope you have a fun and safe holiday!