With the weather getting colder and the days getting shorter, it’s safe to say that winter is around the corner. If you live in a colder climate like Toronto, you already know that the change of seasons brings a whole new change in wardrobe. However, that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your favourite summer pieces and stash them away for the year. While it is important to start preparing your wardrobe for the harsh cold, you would be surprised with what pieces and outfits you can restyle for the winter season. Not only do you save on cash by restyling your summer clothes, but you actually end up creating new outfits that you might have never thought of about before.


While we have definitely said goodbye to those long, hot summer days, you don’t have to part ways and say goodbye to your summer wardrobe just yet. See below for inspiration on how to make the most of your summer wardrobe and the different ways to transition your wardrobe for the winter.


  1. Summer Dresses

Good news – your favourite summer dress is here to stay! While rocking a summer dress is a classic staple for the summertime, it can also be easily restyled to fit a winter wardrobe. To get the most mileage out of your summer dress, layer it over a turtleneck or sweater for an outfit that is fashionable and appropriate for the winter season. Layering a summer dress over a top is also a great way to add a splash of colour or pattern to an otherwise dark and monochromatic winter wardrobe. You can also restyle a summer dress by wearing tights or high socks to make it suitable for the cold. As well, you can recreate the effortless t-shit dress look by wearing thigh-high boots instead of sneakers.


  1. White

If you are still following the age-old rule of not wearing white after Labour Day, boy are you missing out. Just so we are clear, yes you can definitely wear white after Labour Day and we obviously encourage it! While white clothing is mainly associated with the summer season, you can absolutely transition those pieces and make them more appropriate for fall and winter fashion. For the ultimate winter look, try pairing white jeans with a crème or white sweater and jacket to create the perfect monochromatic outfit to bear the cold.


  1. Skirts

Similar to summer dresses, skirts are also another piece of clothing that can easily be restyled for a winter wardrobe. Instead of wearing a maxi skirt with sandals and a crop top, try styling the skirt with boots and a sweater for a more winter look. As well, you can easily transform a summer mini skirt into an outfit that is appropriate for the winter, by adding a pair of tights or high socks. This styling tip can also be applied to shorts!


  1. Vintage Tee’s

Vintage tees and t-shirts, in general, are a summer staple and an item that we live in when the weather is warm. Transition to the winter months and you can still get away with wearing your favourite vintage tee – try styling your tee with black leather pants, boots and a shearling jacket for an edgier look that would be appropriate for the winter. You can’t really go wrong with a vintage tee, but instead of wearing the tee as an oversized dress as you did in the summer, try adding layers and pairing the tee with a jacket and boots for a more winter look.


  1. Cropped Shirts and Sweaters

         Anything cropped, whether that be t-shirt, tank top or sweater, screams summer vibes, but that doesn’t have to be the only case. For a simple yet go-to outfit, try pairing a cropped sweater with jeans, boots, a statement jacket and a beanie for a killer winter outfit.


Winter is definitely coming and that’s ok! Keep a little bit of summer alive by easily transitioning your favourite pieces for the colder season. We hope this list gave you insight on the various ways to transition your wardrobe and restyle classic summer pieces to make them appropriate for the winter.