Toronto is home to an incredible community of uniquely talented influencers who utilize social media to produce content relating to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Whether you need advice on styling certain pieces, choosing beauty products, the best home goods stores, or new recipes to try – these content creators are here with their recommendations and inspiration for creating the life you want. Now more than ever it seems we’re all looking for ways to add meaning to our-day-to-day, and the below list of influencers offers a variety of perspectives on our daily routine, let us know if their content inspires you to try something new!


Ruby Benson


Ruby Benson is a Toronto-based content creator, creative director, and photographer. Her feed consists of a variety of imagery, from her own photographic work, to featured products from brands she enjoys. Colour coordinated and aesthetically pleasing, her content includes a naturalistic element of lush landscapes along with a fashion-focused narrative. Her website is linked in her bio and features her amazing photographic work.


Erica Hill


Erica Hill is a content creator, star of Big Brother Canada season 6, and a Toronto-based social media influencer. Featuring fashion, food, and lifestyle, Erica has a unique, refreshing perspective which will brighten your feed. A proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Erica and her partner Chey co-run a YouTube channel about their day to day lives.


Karolina Jez



Karolina is a photographer and partner at Sundae Creative Industry. Her social media features her fashion and styling tricks, as well as skincare, beauty, and lifestyle. Her socials feature an aesthetically pleasing and cohesive colour theme which pairs well with her style and vibe. Her beautiful photographic work can be found through her photography account, which features fashion, people, and places from around the world.


Anna Bediones


Anna Bediones is a Toronto-based art director, brand strategist, writer, and stylist. Her online presence stems from her longtime love for sneakers and sports, married with her personal style. As a creative consultant, Anna has worked with brands such as Nike, Champs, and Complex. Her feed has a cool, sporty vibe that highlights trends in athleisure fashion.


Allysha Yung


Allysha Yung is a content creator based in Toronto. Her feed is a mix of fashion, beauty, and Instagram hack videos where she offers helpful tips for elevating your IG presence. Allysha has a modern aesthetic, incorporating colour themes of cream and navy. Her YouTube channel features try-on hauls, fashion styling videos, and makeup/beauty related content.


Kareema Q


Kareema is a style advisor for Aritzia and often showcases their new items through her Instagram stories. If you’re a fan of the fashion retailer, Kareema’s stories are a great resource for seeing how some of your wish-list items fit. Her feed is strongly aligned with a neutral aesthetic, incorporating beiges, creams, blacks, and whites. Kareema’s laid back vibe makes the perfect addition to your scrolling.


Krista Alessandra


Krista is an Instagram fashion influencer, showcasing her creativity and vision through her style. Her look mixes modern neutral pieces with upcoming colour trends to create a cohesive and fresh style that inspires her followers. If you’re looking for fashion inspo give her a follow!


Sarah Mian



Sarah is a social media influencer, specializing in fashion and lifestyle content. Her style is clean, ethereal, and cozy. She has a committed aesthetic that is present throughout her feed. Her second account focuses on food photography, home cooking, and food styling to give you some recipe inspo while you’re at home. Her website features blog posts relating to fashion, lifestyle, and beauty.


Julia Dantas



Julia Dantas is a professional beauty artist, creator, and educator. She’s worked with musical artist Lizzo, and was a finalist on Kim Kardashian’s Glam Masters. Julia now runs masterclasses of her own where you can learn her industry tips and earn a certification. Her feed also offers major makeup and beauty inspo for your day to day scrolling.


Nikita Stanley & Aleks Jassem AKA The Rebel Mama’s


Self-proclaimed “mommy group dropouts”, Nikita and Aleks are redefining the way society sees mothers by changing mother’s perspectives on themselves. Co-authors of Handbook for Cool Moms, their feed offers inspo to mom’s everywhere who might be struggling with the expectations of motherhood placed on them. Their feed is also a great source of inspiration for anyone trying to show themselves more compassion during this tough time. Check them out!


These are just some of the influencers who are contributing to the culture of creativity alive on social media. Their content ranges from fashion to beauty to lifestyle inspo and each offer a unique perspective through which they live their lives.


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