The digital age brought with it huge shifts in the cultural narrative; the online persona has become an essential aspect of socialization, and has seamlessly integrated into everyday life. The way we present ourselves online is often the first impression we make on others, with platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn telling our story before we get the chance to.


Is it any wonder then that those who succeed in their respective fields often utilize this online presence as an asset? Cultivating and refining the public narrative about yourself is, at its core, defining a personal brand. Personal branding is a powerful tool that can be used to present your highest self to prospective employers, business partners, colleagues, professors, etc. At KC, our belief system places fashion as a fundamental building block of the personal brand – we believe that when your fashion matches your goals and ideals you gain the confidence to pursue these passions.


So where do you start? Developing a public image can be a daunting task, but the methodology comes down to three crucial questions: what are you trying to say? What is genuine to your character? And, how would you like others to perceive you? Defining these three pillars will allow you to further investigate what exactly your goals are, as well as break down a few fundamental elements of your forming personal brand.


Perhaps the most important aspect of defining a personal brand is the aforementioned question “what is genuine to you?” – the image you present to the world is a highlight of your assets; an honest presentation of your most elevated self. Avoid revolving your personal narrative around what you wish you were, instead, play into your strengths to get the most out of your image.


As above mentioned, fashion plays a huge role in personal branding. Our clothing is an immediate introduction to our personalities, values, occupation, taste, and so much more. Every article of clothing that we purchase and wear is a choice that either helps or hurts our goals. Seek inspiration from style influencers and successful professionals in your field to see how they present themselves through their fashion. Recognize what aspects of their wardrobes that you’re drawn to; is it the confidence they seem to hold in each look? Is it the tailoring? The colour? Understanding what aspects of the style are successful will help you cultivate a wardrobe that can work towards similar goals.


Don’t be afraid to be unique. Fashion is an inherently personal topic, and in a society where image is so intricately wound into daily life it can be a venture that opens the door for vulnerability. But we fundamentally believe that fashion is a tool to be utilized to reach your ultimate potential – stepping into your style confidence may be daunting, but it will also be worth it. Make adjustments on trends and styles you love from other influencers to create a look that is true to you and your taste.

A personal brand is a calling card, a modern-age cover letter, and a first impression. If you’re feeling lost on how to best cultivate a personal brand, we’re here to help. Book a free phone consultation with us here to discuss your specific needs and goals for your wardrobe. Follow us on Instagram @kclifestyling for styling tips and tricks, and to be updated when our next blog goes live.