Heading into this May long weekend we know the world feels like a strange place. Normally this time of year would see family’s opening their cottages, or taking long-anticipated vacations. While our circumstances limit us from the traditions we all hold closely, we want to remind you that connection and rest are not mutually exclusive to the non-pandemic lifestyle.


We encourage you to take this long weekend as an opportunity to deep dive into your passions or practice some self-care. Connect with family and loved ones over Zoom or Facetime. Take a walk in nature and feel soothed by the enormity of it all. Finding your footing in a global pandemic is not easy, and we know that relaxing when the world feels chaotic is nearly impossible – but we also know that you owe it to yourself to try.


Consider your routines and rituals – what makes you feel centred and at peace? Prioritize finding an inner calm this weekend. Anxiety and fear are intrinsic human reactions to stressors of this magnitude, practice self-compassion and allow yourself to feel these emotions as they come. If you find yourself sitting in these negative spaces for too long, consider adding meditation or light exercise into your routine, studies have found that just 20 minutes of light physical activity can greatly improve symptoms of anxiety.


Take a digital detox. It’s no secret that the circumstances of this quarantine have pushed many of us to increase our screen time. While there’s nothing wrong with consuming digital media and entertainment, it can be an anxiety-inducing situation for many people. Taking a break from the screens gives your mind and body a much needed break. Studies have shown that excessive screen time affects your sleep, posture, and mental-health by disconnecting you from your surroundings. While we know the allure of detaching from our current situation is tempting, it could be worsening any feelings of anxiety or fear you’re already battling.


Connection is at the heart of what makes us function. We’re better together. Don’t forget to take time to reconnect this weekend with those around you, as well as the loved ones who are a phone call away. This human connection keeps us grounded and is a vital part of maintaining our mental health. Make time for it this weekend.


Reach out to us through our Instagram if you need to chat! We’re always here to support our community. We hope this long weekend finds you and yours safe and healthy – and we hope that you find space to prioritize yourself. Practice self-compassion – you deserve it.