Successful fashion, like any creative venture, takes a combination of individuality and awareness. Cultivating a wardrobe that fits the goals of your lifestyle is a process that requires an attentive perspective on seasonal trends versus classic styles, as well as a keen understanding of your own style narrative. This, however, can be easier said than done.


The culture of fashion can feel inherently exclusive, but the reality is that style is simply a tool each of us has at our disposal to use to reach our goals. For those individuals who lack confidence in this department, there are simple and meaningful adjustments that can be made to an existing wardrobe to make fashion an asset, rather than a liability. Read on for a breakdown of our easy style-elevation tips.


Start with the basics – There are certain pieces in every wardrobe that build the foundation of the wearer’s style. These can change from person to person, but rely on a needs-based assessment of their worth in the closet, which stems from an understanding of the needs of your lifestyle. For example, someone with a job in a corporate office will consider suits, button ups, and trousers to be foundational pieces of their wardrobe. Additionally, off-duty pieces, like jeans or t-shirts, can be added to this category of “basics”. If you find yourself lacking in this department, take stock of what your wardrobe needs to do for you, and replenish any pieces you may be missing.


Understanding the needs of your wardrobe allows you, in turn, to better understand what you want from your wardrobe. The space between needs-based fashion and wants-based fashion is where style develops and thrives.


Layering – A great way to prioritize both fashion and function is through layering. Adding a jacket, sweater, or scarf can bring a look together into an elevated style with little effort. Layering pieces are a great way to explore your sense of style with a bit more freedom than your foundational wardrobe pieces. A patterned scarf or leather jacket each represent a stylistic choice that better showcases your unique approach to fashion. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Focus on fit – When in doubt, always focus on fit. A well-tailored piece will always look refined and fashionable. Taking the time and resources to have your everyday items – like work trousers or suit jackets – tailored to you. It seems like a simple fix, but a well-fitting garment is synonymous with luxury and an attention to detail, allowing you to put your best foot forward. Focusing on fit can also mean experimenting with different types of fit than you usually wear. For example, the oversized or boxy blazer is having a big fashion moment right now – this is a fun way to experiment with a fashion trend while remaining within the confines on your comfort zone. Try adding an oversized black blazer to your roster of jackets for a trendier, casual look.


Accessorize – We talk about accessories a lot on this blog; that’s because they are the simplest way to enhance a simple look without branching too far from your comfort zone. The addition of a bag, set of necklaces, or a pair of earrings can completely change the essence of a look, and elevate a basic style to something more refined. This is a great area to experiment with colour, pattern, and texture, as they’re easily removable and often don’t require a significant financial investment. This is a category of style where you can really let your personality shine through; trust your instincts when choosing accessory pieces and don’t worry too much about how you’ll “pull off” a piece. Even the brightest, flashiest pair of earrings can be toned down with a casual look. Check out our IGTV for some accessory tips on our Instagram @kclifestyling.

Confidence is key – each of these tips are great ways to ease into your fashion confidence. The more you experiment with fashion, the more comfortable you’ll become with trusting your innate sense of style. Being ‘fashionable’ doesn’t mean dressing like everyone else – it’s about trusting your instincts and being confident in the choices you make. There is no one set perspective on style that is “correct” – and that’s what makes fashion so exciting; individuality is in the forefront of what makes a successful wardrobe. Continue to foster a relationship with your closet, understand what you need it to do for you to reach your goals, and build a stylistically unique wardrobe from those principle requirements.


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