Under normal circumstances the summer months are generally synonymous with travel. The warm weather prompts us all to pack our bags and head out for a beach weekend or a European getaway. While the current state of the world has made it impossible for these plans to follow through, we still believe that this time of year is one for relaxation, and adoption of the vacation state of mind.


You don’t need to venture far to find the rest and relaxation that an annual vacation awards – relaxation is a mindset. Rather than mourn the loss of what could have been, we believe in making the most of what we have available. Creating an atmosphere within your own home in which to relax and restore depends on setting concrete boundaries with your time, establishing a space, and practicing self-care.

We know what you may be thinking – haven’t we been resting for the past four months? While staying at home and anxiously scrolling through news headlines may seem more relaxing than your regular 9 to 5, the reality is that stress doesn’t discriminate based on location or situation. The ongoing culture of fear and uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic has made feelings of stress and unease the baseline. A simple Google search on the relationship between Covid-19 and stress will take you to the World Health Organization’s tips for dealing with anxiety in this difficult time.


You deserve a break. These past four months have been a gruelling and unforgiving pause of the norms we have come to find comfort in. Give yourself permission to shut off, unplug, relax, and restore – prioritizing your well-being is a vital act of service both to yourself and those around you.

The first step to obtaining some much needed R&R is to set concrete boundaries with your time. If you were on vacation, you wouldn’t be reading work emails or joining Zoom meetings; draft an Out of Office automated response and commit to distancing yourself from work or projects for the duration of your time off. Unplug from social media for a day or two and see how it changes your mood – the constant updates that social media awards us are both convenient and exhausting. Commit to checking the news once at the end of the day/in the morning to ensure you’re staying in the know without sacrificing your peace of mind.



Creating a space where relaxation is possible relies on a few variables. Start with a clean slate – finish any chores or cleaning priorities at the beginning of your time-off so you can fully relax. Sometimes self-care involves bettering the environment around you – if you’re the type of person who finds relaxation in the completion of tasks, spend half a day improving a space in your home that your future self will thank you for. As fashion lovers, our ongoing project is with the closet; organizing your closet space can be a great way to prioritize your peace not just during a staycation, but every day. Check out our blog post on closet organization tips and tricks here.

Finally, the most important aspect of a staycation is self-care. What does self-care look like for you? Maybe it’s re-reading your favourite book on the balcony; having time to cook delicious meals; a bubble bath with a glass of wine; or watching a new season of a TV show you love. Try seeking out a fun, new hobby to push your boundaries – there are so many options available through the magic of resources like Etsy. One of our current favourites is Femme Thread, grab a kit for you and send one to a friend!


No matter how you practice self-care the important thing is to make it a priority while you enjoy your time off. Allow yourself to enjoy the simplicity of doing something you love without the influence of work or world stresses bringing you down. Reclaim your time. You deserve it.


If your version of self-care involves catching up on the latest in fashion, we encourage you to head over to our blog homepage. Happy staycationing!