If you’re a fashion lover, we know that staying on top of the latest trends is most likely second nature to you. But we also know that deep-diving through inspo content to figure out the best way to incorporate a common trend into your wardrobe can be time-consuming. In an effort to simplify your fashion decision-making, Kate and Chloe have chosen a top seasonal trend to break down the best ways to style them. 


Kate – the vintage tee

Shopping vintage is a trend that lasts season through season. With sustainability at the forefront of much of our decision-making, vintage and thrift shopping offers an environmentally friendly alternative to sourcing unique styles that showcase your personality. Something as simple as a vintage tee can add so much to a look, but sometimes people can think there is only one way to style it when really there are endless ways to elevate any piece. 

Kate outlines four ways to wear the vintage tee:

    1. Wear your favourite vintage tee as a dress – elevate a basic look with a pair of sheer tights and heels/combat boots for an edgy, casual look. Add layers with a denim or leather jacket, and accessorize with your go-to bag and sunglasses. This look pairs well with layered gold jewelry, or a sleek low bun and hoops.


    1. Add a wide leg pant – combine two seasonal trends and pair your vintage tee with a wide leg pant. Tuck the shirt in to elevate the look, or keep it untucked for a casual, laid back vibe. Make it your own by adding accessories that complement your fashion sense – layer your favourite crossbody bag and sunglasses or add a chunky sneaker and cute hair accessories to change up the tone of the look. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour with your accessories.

    1. Layer over biker shorts – the summer uniform for the modern and urban –  the biker short is a trendy staple everyone should have in their wardrobe. Layer a pair under your vintage tee and add a chunky boot for a relaxed, but stylish look. Add a long sleeve underneath to elevate the style and pair with some simple accessories.


    1. The elevated look – easily elevate a vintage tee by layering; add a maxi skirt and leather jacket for an edgy take on this look, or pair with dark denim and a boyfriend blazer for a business-casual feel. Incorporate your own personal sense of style by layering over a loved pair of statement trousers (patent leather or patterned would both work well), and your favourite go-to bag.


Chloe – Trending Accessories 

The spring/summer season always brings with it new and fresh ways to elevate an everyday outfit. Chloe rounds up her current favourite accessory trends:

  1. The chain belt – popularized in the ’80s, the chain belt is making a major comeback this spring. Perfect for layering over jeans or a denim skirt, this trend can immediately elevate a simple look into a fashion statement. Try pairing over a t-shirt dress, or layering over an oversized blazer for a refined look.

  1. Jewelry – layered necklaces are an easy way to up-style any casual look. Combine varying thicknesses of chains to create a modern style that can pair with pretty much anything in your wardrobe. Gold tones are in this season – they offer a warmer alternative to classic silver jewelry. Try layering necklaces of different lengths and width to create a visually interesting statement to accompany any style.


  1. The Bottega bag – the perfect go-to bag for the spring and summer, the Bottega bag comes in a variety of colours, aligning with the seasonal neon trend. Pair this with a monochromatic or muted outfit to add a pop of colour and make them look more vibrant.


These are just a few of the trends and pieces we’re loving this season. Have more ideas for how to wear these seasonal styles? Head over to our Instagram and share your thoughts! @kclifestyling