At KC we’re all about getting the most use out of your wardrobe. We advocate for the sustainable and considerate purchase of seasonless pieces that can take you from summer to winter with the help of clever styling tips and tricks. However, there is one area of the wardrobe that we know the Canadian climate necessitates defined style guides: shoes. Our choice of footwear in Toronto – where temperatures can range from -30 to 40 degrees over the course of the year – obviously varies greatly season to season. While this may mean we need to spend more time searching for the perfect summer shoe, we choose to see it as an opportunity to step out of our fashion comfort zone.


A bold shoe is an easy way to incorporate a trendy item into your wardrobe without committing to a total style revamp. Many shoe trends, no matter how bold, can be added to an otherwise minimal outfit to create a stylish look. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite Spring/Summer shoe trends from this year to give you some inspiration for your next purchase of warm weather footwear. Let us know which is your favourite on our Instagram @kclifestyling, and check out our stories for ways to wear these trendy pieces –


Kitten Heel – the kitten heel revival seen in the last few years calls back to women’s footwear of the 1950’s when the style was popularized. The short, comfortable heel elevates a simple shoe into a symbol of daytime chicness. The perfect style for running errands or grabbing coffee with friends – pairs well with casual denim or a simple summer dress.


Lace-up Heel – this lace-up style of shoe is a great way to modernize and refine a simple outfit. Wrap the laces around the hem of a pair of trousers for a trendy, cinched look perfect for day, or pair with a dress or skirt for an effortlessly chic nighttime outfit. The laces act as an accessory in themselves, which can elevate an otherwise simple style into a decidedly fashionable look.


Heeled Mule – this style has been on the rise for the past few seasons, popping up in the collections of most major shoe designers. This popularity means there are endless options to choose from when it comes to colour, style, and brand. These are a great comfort alternative to a narrow heel in a professional setting, the wide heel allows for optimum comfort, while the sleek and minimal style of the shoe keeps them office appropriate. These shoes can be paired with endless outfits, and therefore make a great everyday summer shoe option.


Square Toe – A fun variation of the traditional rounded or pointed toe shapes. The harsh lines of the square-toed shoe make it a decidedly modern style, perfect for dressing up a casual look, and a fun way to experiment with different styles without making a major change. A black square-toed heel, for example, is a great alternative for an evening shoe if you’re looking to expand your fashion horizons without jumping too far out of your comfort zone.


White Sneaker – A good pair of white sneakers is a staple in a modern wardrobe. These shoes can easily take you from spring to fall in comfort and style. The white sneaker has been recast in recent years as the go-to shoe for most looks; perfect for running errands in casual denim or dressing down a more refined piece to fit the day time, like a maxi skirt or summer dress. Invest in a comfortable, quality pair to get the most out of the style.


Quilted Shoe – The quilted shoe is a trendy style, calling inspiration from the iconic Chanel quilted bag – presenting a luxurious and refined look. This is a great shoe choice for elevating a casual outfit, or even for replacing an office shoe – the quilted pattern detail adds a level of sophistication without needing to add a narrow heel.


Pop of Colour – The summer months always see a shift away from the neutral tones of the fall and winter into the bold colours associated with warm weather. It’s not surprising then that shoe trends follow this same pattern. The colourful shoe is having a fashion moment right now, bright pinks, blues, and oranges popping up in both haute couture and ready-to-wear collections. Adding a pop of colour into your wardrobe via your footwear is an excellent way to branch out fashion-wise without overhauling your whole look. A bold pair of shoes can pair with an otherwise minimal look to create an elevated and stylish outfit that makes you feel confident.

Let us know which styles you’ll be trying out this season @kclifestyling, tag us on Instagram with your favourite summer shoes to be featured on our story!