Belonging is a word so near and dear to us – to belong to a community is to be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves. With the continuing developments of the Covid-19 virus affecting our day to day lives in unprecedented ways, we find ourselves reflecting on the many spaces that have been safety nets for our business and our people. Our Toronto community, who have accepted us with open hearts, ready to expand their closets and to better understand themselves through the medium of fashion, we have felt so held by the culture of support so predominant in this beautiful city.


On an even deeper level is our connection to the community of small businesses within Toronto. We are constantly inspired by the creative, authentic, and compassionate way in which Torontonians express their passions through business. We are so proud to belong to a group of artists, makers, collectors, and cultivators of beauty of which the small businesses of Toronto are made of. To belong to this amazing community of passion is a treasure and one that we feel deeply compelled to protect.


As the effects of Covid-19 affect us as individuals, they hit small businesses with great severity. There’s so much to be said about the benefits of shopping small – to support your local florist, baker, painter, or coffee shop is to support every staff member, designer, founder, and visionary that contributed to the creation of that business. To better support this community of our peers, we’ve compiled a few local businesses we love and the ways in which you can support them at this time.


Ellie Mae Studios

@elliemaestudios is a clothing brand that is built on the principles of integrity, quality, and individuality. Their production and design teams work side by side in their locally operated studio to create joy-sparking garments, made from hand-selected fabrics with personality. Each piece tells a story of nostalgia, quality, and is truly a labour of love. While Ellie Mae Studios has had to temporarily close their location at Stakt market, they continue to sell their one-of-a-kind pieces through their website


Soft Focus

@in_softfocus is a brand that specializes in elevated loungewear, described as both casual and utterly chic. Their pieces are made of high quality, plant-based fabrics, and are perfect for your work from home uniform. Their curated collection of loungewear is available through their website


Misfit Studio 

@misfitstudio is an independently owned movement studio, with two Toronto locations, as well as locations in Vancouver and Montreal. Misfit Studio creates a space where spiritual, emotional, and physical bodies connect. Since the temporary closure of their brick and mortar locations, they have begun offering live online classes available through their Instagram. To learn more about their practice, visit



@the.feelosophy is a restorative yoga studio, with a focus on the healing and connection that comes when the practice of yoga is combined with physical touch. The community they’ve built and their amazing philosophies are to be celebrated and acknowledged during this time. With the temporary closure of their locations in Toronto and a variety of cities across Canada and the US, Feelosophy has moved their practice to an online setting through Zoom. To book a class and to see what other great stuff they offer, visit, and follow their social media for updates. 



@kotn is a Toronto based fashion brand, specializing in ethically made, high quality, sustainable essentials. They believe in buying less, and wearing longer, and reject the fast fashion narrative. While KOTN has temporarily closed its locations in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, you can still shop online at


Page One Café

@pageone_cafe is a downtown café, bar, and event venue – besides holding community events, they offer a landing space for creatives and students alike to ideate and caffeinate. While many types of businesses will be affected by the need for business closures, the food and beverage industry will see a particular lull in this time. Page One is still open for takeout orders, which can be ordered ahead via their app. For more info, check them out at Not looking to leave home? Head to your local coffee shops website and see if they have packaged coffee to order, or if gift cards are available to purchase online.


Morgan Hotston Photography

@morganhotston is a Canadian photographer, specializing in amazing landscape and portrait photography (with a few faces you may recognize). Morgan’s breathtaking prints are available for purchase on her website at, and make the perfect gift to brighten a loved ones’ – or your – day.


There are thousands of small businesses like these that will feel the impact of this shutdown for months to come. If you’re able, we encourage you to check your favourite small businesses’ social media/website to see how you can support them during this time. If shopping online is an option for you, this is a great opportunity to support the places that make our community unique – and if not, simply sharing their profile through social media is the perfect way to show your support.


At KC, our free phone consultations are still available to book through our website. We encourage you to book a time to chat if you’re interested in what we do – and how we can help you reach your fashion goals.



Stay safe, stay home, and take care of each other!