Under present circumstances, we understand that dragging your winter clothes out of your closet and into storage might be your last priority.

But we’re shedding our winter layers and officially welcoming in spring. It may have come at an inopportune time, but it’s here all the same – and we’re set on enjoying it in the ways that we safely can. Go for a walk and breathe in the spring air; feel the warmth of the sun as you eat breakfast on your patio; open a window and let the breeze come in. These tiny things are the foundation in which contentment is built – make time and space for these small instances of beauty and see how your perspective of the world changes. 

For us, retaining some semblance of normality is vital to our well-being, and we’re sure that many of you feel the same. For those looking for a slice of normal, grab your storage bins and let’s get rid of those bulky winter items.

It can be difficult to distinguish which items in your wardrobe are appropriate for all-season wear, and which should be retired for the warm weather seasons. At KC, we strongly believe in maximizing the functionality of the items in your wardrobe – and some of the pieces that can be worn all year may surprise you. We encourage you to reach out and book a free phone consultation with us. We can schedule an easy digital face-to-face call with you so you can get expert advice on organizing your closet for the seasonal shift and more. 

There’s something freeing about removing these items from our sight – it gives us the chance to look at our lives and wardrobes with fresh eyes and evaluate the best methods for buying and living intentionally.

It also gives your mind the space to appreciate the changing scenery of the world. There is some peace in recognizing that even though the world as we know it has altered so drastically, the trees will still bud and the flowers will still bloom. The sun will come up tomorrow, and the next day, and the next –  the world doesn’t stop turning for anything.

So if you’re missing your routine, take this time to empty out the old and make space for the new in your wardrobe, and know that as you do this, you are simultaneously making space for a new season of hope, opportunity, and moments of joy.

We’re excited about the future because we know that good things are coming – there is a light at the end of all this uncertainty. In the meantime, we’re here to keep you company (and check off your to-do list) – and if you need a little extra fashion support, reach out via our free phone consultations, we’re happy to help.