Closets come in all shapes and sizes – and each with their own set of challenges. At KC, we have found through experience that organizing your wardrobe is as much about self-care as it is about functionality. Addressing the challenges that your closet space presents is an intentional way you strive to improve your daily life – and, at the end of the day, that improvement is always an ultimate goal for our services.


The first step to making intentional changes towards a stress-free wardrobe is understanding the needs of your space. While every closet is a unique environment, there are commonalities amongst the challenges we see. We break down the three sizes of wardrobes and the common challenges that can arise in these spaces:

1.  The small wardrobe: A small closet generally consists of limited hanging space and little to no drawer space. This can include an apartment-style closet, a clothing rack and small dresser, or a small, free standing wardrobe.


Small wardrobes certainly come with a unique set of challenges – but these are relatively easy to overcome. The one we encounter most often is not having enough space – this challenge is a tale as old as time. The secret here: there will never be enough space. Whether your wardrobe is a clothing rack and a small dresser or an entire room, we tend to fill the space we have readily available to us. The solution to this issue comes down to changing your shopping habits and buying intentionally. Address any excess within your space and purge the items that no longer serve you – this will make the organization of your remaining items infinitely easier.


If you feel that you’re lacking hanging space in your available closet, try adding an additional DIY free standing rack in your bedroom or den. Creating this extra hanging room can make all the difference in a limited wardrobe space. Taking pride in your hanging items can increase efficiency when getting ready in the morning and when putting items away at night. 


 The trick to making a smaller closet space work for you is having the right tools for the job. Invest in quality hangers, drawer dividers, and garment protection products such as dust bags for shoes. These organizational tools maximize space while also increasing the longevity of your clothing, making you less likely to buy more pieces and overcrowd your wardrobe. Our new KC closet organization kits have all of the tools you need to make your dream wardrobe a reality. Shop the kit made for smaller wardrobe spaces here.

 2. The mid-sized wardrobe: Mid-sized wardrobes often consist of a few options:

  • A large amount of hanging space, but limited drawer space
  • A large amount of drawer space, but limited hanging space.
  • A moderate amount of both hanging and drawer space.

Mid-sized closets can extend across one or two walls, but are generally not as spacious as a wardrobe room/large walk-in.


The mid-sized closet’s main organizational issues lie in their layout and the organizational methods used. The best way to tackle this organization job is to first assess your space – if you have an abundance of hanging room but limited drawer room, you’ll want to take advantage of the space’s assets and hang the majority of your pieces. Organize these hung items in a way that makes sense to you. For example, one organization method is length and colour. Taking these extra steps to maximize space will allow you to see each piece in your wardrobe and will ultimately streamline the getting-ready process each day.


Another common issue that arises with mid-sized closets is the aforementioned issue that is prevalent in all wardrobes – space. The more space we have, the more likely we are to fill it – when overcrowding becomes the norm, organization systems have more room for failure. Create designated areas in your wardrobe for each of your items and consider labelling your drawers to make organization easier. This way, when it comes to busier days or hectic mornings, it is easier to keep your space tidy and functional. 


 Our KC closet kit for mid-sized wardrobes can be customized to suit your specific wardrobe needs quickly and easily. These kits are perfect for a mid-sized closet space as they centre not only on functionality-related pieces, but also the aesthetic small touches that create your dream wardrobe environment. Check out the kit here and assess how these pieces could beautify and maximize your space.

 3. The large wardrobe: Large closets are perhaps the most ambiguous in terms of storage breakdowns. Often these spaces include a large amount of both hanging and drawer space, and are suited for those who have a large clothing and accessory collection.


 The challenges we generally see arise in these larger wardrobe spaces is functionality and often an overall lack of space being used to its full potential. These large spaces have the benefit of an abundance of storage, but as such can become disorganized very quickly.


 Organization systems are extremely necessary in these closets – drawer dividers, a combination of dress and pant hangers, and accessory storage are all pieces that can improve both the functionality and aesthetics of the space. Creating clear sections for each category of your clothing will allow you to fully see what you have in your wardrobe each day and help you avoid overbuying and overcrowding. Like mid-sized closets, these spaces should utilize an organization method – such as the length and colour technique – to better maximize the potential of their space.


 Our KC organization kit for large closets is the most comprehensive of all – including not only organizational tools, but a variety of pieces meant to beautify your space and create the wardrobe space of your dreams. Check out the kit here.


 Whether your wardrobe is small or large there is always a solution to the organizational challenges you encounter. Understanding your space is the first step to developing a plan to maximize time and streamline your daily wardrobe routine.


 Our new KC closet organization kits take the guesswork out of the organization process – all of the tools you need to make your dream wardrobe a reality are just a click away. Not sure if this is the right service for you? Send us an email at [email protected] or send us a message on our Instagram @kclifestyling for more info.