Fashion can feel like an exclusive club – trends are constantly shifting, brands are re-strategizing, and it seems that the world of fashion changes every day. We know that for many of us, this version of fashion culture is intimidating and out of touch. At KC, we are strongly connected to the idea that fashion is an open resource – that claiming a space in the style narrative is available to any and every one. Prioritizing your wardrobe is an investment in the lifestyle that you’re creating for yourself – and we’re here to help you invest wisely.


There are many ways to prioritize an elevated wardrobe. In this post, we share a few easy tips and tricks for refining and cultivating an effective closet space. This doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch, working within a wardrobe you’ve already cultivated and come to be comfortable in is a great starting point for maximizing your style game. Claiming fashion as a resource can be as simple as adding the right accessories to your outfit to make it stand out.


Our clothing tells our story before we do. The way we present ourselves to the world can tell others with just a glance how we prioritize, and how we want to be seen. Take the time to consider what impression you want to make. Keep this concept in mind when choosing outfits each morning – ask yourself “does this showcase the best version of myself that I’m trying to present” – every outfit is an opportunity.


If you tend to stay away from fashion news and trends, then don’t worry – being interested in fashion is not a prerequisite to use it advantageously. All that you need to make an impact with your wardrobe are well-tailored basics that can be combined into a variety of looks, as well as a collection of individualistic accessory pieces to showcase your unique sense of style. The latter of these two categories will most likely need to be cultivated over time.


Focus on buying quality pieces that are interchangeable for different aspects of your wardrobe. For example, a basic collared, white button-up can be used to layer under a suit jacket or tucked into a comfortable pair of jeans for an off-duty look. These types of items get you the highest amount of use while remaining effortlessly current. Seek out timeless pieces that you can keep in your wardrobe for years to come. Invest in a well-tailored suit, a high-quality pair of jeans, and some linen or cotton tees – these pieces, while simple, are foundational to a solid wardrobe that can adapt for any situation. They never go out of style, and will keep your look fresh when paired with the right accessories.


Cultivate accessory pieces that show a glimpse of your personality – this can include a scarf with a pop of your favourite colour, a necklace or ring with your favourite stone, or even a patterned pair of socks. Adding these personal touches into an otherwise simple wardrobe will elevate your looks and create a style that is unique to you.


Fashion is an untapped resource for many, and prioritizing your style can seem daunting – but we’re here to help. Book a free phone consultation with us to discuss your unique needs when it comes to your wardrobe and we can help set up a plan that works for you.