Closet Assessment

In order to succeed, it's crucial to know what needs improving

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Closet Assessment

Gain a professional understanding of your wardrobe and what the key factors are to enhancing your fashion and lifestyle.

Perfect for those who need a second pair of eyes, the closet assessment is our most elementary service. We provide professional advice on the state of your wardrobe and recommend tailored solutions to your closet stresses, while also helping you determine what’s in and out of style. If you’re looking to make a change but unsure where to start, you’re in the right place.

Goals, Expectations & Needs

A closet assessment helps...

  • Know and understand your needs
  • How to use our service to the max
  • Revamp your current style
  • Plan a budget
  • Decide what is in style and what is not
  • Get an expert opinion
  • Get all your questions answered

How it Works

Book a session with a stylist to get a professional assessment on the condition of your wardrobe.



Book a FREE phone consultation to discuss your needs and have your questions answered or simply book a time slot by following the link below.

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Book here or over email/phone consultation.

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Your stylists will assess your wardrobe and offer their advice for enhancement. 

You’ll learn what pieces should be retired, added, and gain tips and tricks personalized to your needs. 

You’ll gain tips and tricks personalized to your needs, and learn what pieces should be retired or added.

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Our Philosophy

The unbeatable combination: a passion for helping others & a creative, yet efficient touch.

At KC Lifestyling, we recognize that everyone’s style is unique – so we’ve developed our methodology to be customizable to your goals, your individual sense of fashion, and your life. We push back against the culture that insists fashion should be superficial or stressful. By utilizing fashion to cultivate your personal brand, we create a wardrobe that allows you to look and feel your best.


Please choose which tier you’d prefer, all based on a 2 person team.

Closet Assessment


Approximately 1 hour or less

Book a FREE phone consultation to discuss your needs and have your questions answered

Book a free consultation

Some Client Love

All I really wanted was to know what I was lacking and what sort of things I was doing wrong when it comes to my clothes. Kate and Chloe really asked the right questions and taught me a lot.

R.D. (Male 36)

You guys told me so much on things I had no idea about but it makes so much more sense applying your knowledge. That was truly so valuable and quick, I love that I was able to get some help without investing too much yet. Thank you and I'll tell my friends about this!

S.B. (Female 29)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

Whatever your fashion needs are, we are here to help.

  1.  The first step would be to book an initial phone call where you have the opportunity to discuss your needs and goals regarding your style and wardrobe with an expert. 
  2. The next step would be to book a closet assessment where a stylist will provide an overall assessment on your current wardrobe. 
  3. After assessing your wardrobe and determining your needs, we decide what service best suits your fashion goals. 

Our services are completely customizable – we are here to cater to your needs budget and lifestyle.

Do you cater to smaller shopping budgets?

100% – We cater to ALL budgets. First and foremost, we are here to help YOU and are always open to chatting about tailoring our services to best fit your budget.

Can I come shopping with you?

Yes, of course! We would love to shop with you. For more information on our shopping packages, please visit our Personal Shopping service page.

I’d like to skip the consultation, can I send you pictures of my wardrobe and you can get started on the shopping right away?

Absolutely – if you know you are committed to any one of our services, we can definitely arrange to start shopping right away.

How much do you charge hourly?

Our pricing varies depending on what package or service best fits your needs. For more information, please check out our pricing on each service page.

How much is the closet assessment and long does it take?

The closet assessment typically takes between 30-60 minutes and costs $50.00. Please note that some packages already include the assessment in the price and process.

What is a closet assessment?

Perfect for those who want a second opinion, the closest assessment is our most elementary service where we provide professional advice and feedback on the state of your current wardrobe. We recommend this service to those looking to get an overall assessment on their wardrobe and to those who want a second pair of eyes to see what pieces are in and out of style. The stylist will assess the entire closet and offer their opinion and advice on what pieces are working and what pieces need to be retired, and will also suggest what pieces are missing from the wardrobe.

What is a style guide?

A style guide is essentially a document that can be opened on any smartphone or device that showcases various outfit combinations. We create a lookbook of several different outfits from clothing in your current wardrobe and categorize the outfits into various themes. The style guide is designed to offer inspiration and be a guide of different outfit combinations that you can refer back to on a daily basis.

Will I get charged a fee if I cancel within less than 24 hours?

Yes, you will be charged a service fee of $50.

Do you organize other rooms in the house other than closets?

We currently are focused strictly on fashion and only organize closets or small spaces designed for clothes, accessories or anything related to style.

Can you purchase beauty products?

While we love our beauty products, we strictly focus on fashion and only purchase clothing or accessories.